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Third Week of November

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November 18th

Our youthful volunteers from Glen Allen High School were back at the House this evening making a fun taco dinner for our guests. Everyone loved this festive meal; one guest even described it as “just what [he] needed to wake his taste buds up”! Thank you boys!

November 17th

Today was an incredibly busy day at the Guest House! Volunteers from Lewis Media Partners came out to the House and made lunch for the guests: homemade pizzas and salads! Guests appreciated having something easy and quick to grab. Thank you so much to this new group, and welcome to the Reinhart House volunteer family!

We also had the Togetherness Group from Shady Grove YMCA at the House putting together  over 120 “grab-n-go” bags for our families to take for long days at the hospital. These bags are filled with snacks and activities that will provide a bright spot for a lot of our families during some difficult times. Thank you so much!

Finally,  to cap off our day, the Care Management Team at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital brought our guests an amazing barbecue dinner. Thank you  to this group for making sure the families at the House are well-fed and nourished!

November 16th

This evening a great group from Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy made lasagna for our families. Everyone loved it so much there were no leftovers! Thank you for making such a delicious meal for our families!

November 15th

Tonight the ladies from the University of Richmond chapter of Tri-Delta Sorority came by the House to prepare a lovely meal for our guests here at the House. These ladies continue to provide comfort at the end of the day for our guests on a regular basis; thank you!

November 14th

Our regular volunteer group from the local branches of Bank of America provided dinner for the guests staying at the House as well as for several families visiting loved ones at the hospital this evening. Everyone who came for dinner loved it. Thank you to this group for their continued support!

Second Week of November

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November 10th

The Geriatric Collaborative  of Central Virginia made some delicious soups and salads for guests staying at the House tonight. How wonderful for our guests to have such warm fare on such a cold evening; thank you!

November 9th

Tonight, the amazing Bugbee family prepared beef stroganoff for our families, with apple crisp for dessert! A big thank you to this family for their continuous support of our families.

November 8th

There’s something new around the Reinhart Guest House…artwork from students at Atlee High School! Today, the local student art installation in our children’s wing and community room was changed out to feature these bright and inspirational graphic posters. Thank you so much to these students for uplifting and encouraging the families who stay with us!

In addition to this new artwork, our friends at The Extraordinary Caveman came and made dinner for our families this evening: roast chicken and potatoes! Thank you for nourishing the families staying here so that they can nourish their loved ones in turn!







November 7th

Today, Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital Community Advisory Board was busy cooking up chicken and dumplings for our guests! This group spent a while in our kitchen ensuring our guests would have a hearty and soul-warming meal in this fall weather. Thank you all!








November 6th

Several members of Elon Baptist Church  (in Beaverdam?) came by today to drop off the fruitful results of a donation drive their church held for the Guest House and take a tour so they could see firsthand the mission they are supporting. Thank you to this wonderful group; we look forward to a continuing relationship!

First Week of November

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November 3rd

Tonight, the ladies of the Junior League of Richmond made our families breakfast for dinner! The guests enjoyed this surprising meal, calling it a “delightful treat…after a very trying day.” A big thanks to these gracious women; it’s no surprise that we appreciate your continued support!

November 2nd

This afternoon, the very talented Sharon Savon White dropped off the fall wreath that will grace the front door of the Guest House until winter arrives. Thank you Sharon; your gift will ensure that all of our guests are welcomed into the House before they step foot through the door!

To celebrate the start of November, the wonderful team from St. Mary’s Switchboard/Telecom Team made a Thanksgiving feast this evening! All of the families staying at the House thoroughly enjoyed such a great treat; one guest even said that her own Thanksgiving dinner would not compare! Thank you ladies for continuing to support our mission!

October 31st

Today we had the special privilege of being a trick-or-treating stop for the little ones at St. Mary’s Hospital Daycare! We want to say a big thank you to these children for brightening up our days and the days of our families!


Fourth Week of October

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2nd Annual Reinhart Guest House Pumpkin Carving Contest

Submissions have been rolling in all week for our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest! Community members carved some true masterpieces, but only one could win! The real winners were our guests, who are able to take home these one-of-a-kind donations to display at their own houses for Halloween. Thank you to all our participants for brightening our families’ lives!


October 25th

Tonight the fantastic ladies of Tri-Delta Sorority at University of Richmond came by and set up a taco bar for our families. Guests certainly appreciated the delicious, easy food that allowed them to relax and take a break from the hospital. Thank you ladies!


Third Week of October

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October 20

This evening, volunteers from Owens & Minor made tacos and sides for our families. Thank you ladies; our guests really enjoyed them!

October 19

RVA Dukes, the Richmond chapter of the JMU Alumni Association, were at the House for the first time today cooking, baking and bringing joy to our guests! Everyone enjoyed the quesadillas, taco soups and cookies. Thank you to this wonderful group of volunteers; we look forward to seeing you here again in the future!

October 18

Tonight, volunteers from Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church Community Outreach Ministry came by and prepared a delicious dinner of lasagna, tortellini and Cesar salad for the families staying at the House. Thank you so much to these regular volunteers as they continue to support us in our mission!

Second Week of October

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October 15westhamptonpastryshop

Westhampton Pastry Shop recently added the Guest House to their rotation of drop-off sites for their end-of-the-baking-day goodies! Today they dropped off the first batch of many treats to come: bread, muffins, cakes, biscuits and donuts! Our guests are so excited about the food, and we’re excited about continuing this partnership. Thank you!

October 11extraordinary-lasagna

Nancye from The Extraordinary Caveman made a fantastic lasagna, garlic bread and a Caesar salad for our guests tonight. They could not stop raving about how delicious it was! Thank you so much for providing such a yummy meal for the guests at the House!

October 10

Volunteers from Bank of America set out a delicious taco buffet for the families staying at the House this evening. Thank you so much to these volunteers for continuing to support our mission here at the House!

First Week of October

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October 8

Our regular group of youthful volunteers from Glen Allen High School made delicious comfort food for the families staying at the House this evening. On the menu were meatloaf, mashed potatoes and sides. Thank you for providing comfort to our families!

October 6

Once again the lovely ladies from the Junior League of Richmond came to the Guest House to cook dinner for our families. Tonight’s menu included chili for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Thank you for your continued support ladies!

October 5

We are excited to announce that Girl Scout Hannah Munson will be working with the Guest House for her Gold Award. Thank you Hannah for choosing us for your project; we are honored and look forward to what is to come!

October 4

Tonight our families enjoyed pork chops, baked chicken and sides from volunteers at The Extraordinary Caveman. Thank you so much for nourishing our families’ bodies and souls!


Fourth Week of September

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September 29

Tonight local members of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) made delicious chili for our guests. Thank you for the nourishment and company you provided! It is wonderful to have such great support!

September 28

Our partners from Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital Telecom/Switchboard Team were here tonight cooking dinner for our families. A huge thank you to this fantastic group for all the support you provide for the families staying here at the House!

Third Week of September

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September 20

This evening Scott Glatfelter and his team from The Olive Garden provided a lovely meal for all of our guests. Guests truly enjoyed such a special treat! Comments from some of our guests included: “It is so kind and thoughtful of the OG staff to come out from Midlothian to provide such a generous meal. It was an oasis of peace and deliciousness during a busy and stressful day.” “After having to be at the hospital at 6:10am and trying to eat a grilled cheese at mid day (that was awful) it was SO NICE to have not only a wonderful meal but kindness from the volunteers. You changed my day.” Thank you to Scott and his wonderful team!

September 18

Tonight we had the privilege of seeing a fantastic group from Glen Allen High School prepare a dinner of London Broil for our families! These young men have been at the House serving our families over fifteen times. Thank you gentlemen!


We also had the pleasure of welcoming students and their families from Hanover County Public Schools into the House this afternoon for tours. These students are responsible for our current artwork installation in our children’s wing, and they all seemed to enjoy seeing how bright their art made the hallways! Thanks to all the families and to Hanover County Public Schools for providing our families with such lovely art!

August Updates

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August 25

Tonight Susan Greenbaum and Chris Parker performed at the ShoreDog Café, with 10% of the proceeds from their show and an accompanying raffle going to benefit the Reinhart Guest House! Thank you to Susan and Chris, and to Owens & Minor for sponsoring the event. Your generosity ensures that we can continue to serve our families!

August 12

Thank you so much to HomeAgain for the donation of much-needed items for our guests. We always appreciate the support!

August 9

A big thank you to the maintenance crews and engineers who keep the House running smoothly. Today they were hard at work maintaining the beautiful fountain our families enjoy in our garden. Thanks for helping us help our families!


August 8

Tonight our guests were treated to a wonderful dinner by our monthly volunteers from Bank of America. With comments like “What a treat tonight’s dinner was!” and “Dinner was a delicious surprise” it’s not hard to guess whether our guests enjoyed the meal! Thank you!

August 6

Today was an exciting day here at the Guest House! Washington Redskins players Ryan Kerrigan and Morgan Moses were here visiting with families from the Richmond Hope Therapy Center. Thank you gentlemen!