Reinhart Guest House


Wish List

Wish list donations make our house feel like home. The products you need in your house, we need in ours. Opportunities to support the Guest House are numerous and may include a donation from our wish list, sponsoring a family’s stay or helping us restock our pantries and refrigerators with healthy foods for our guests to enjoy. Below is our top wish list needs. You can also download a link to our full wish list by CLICKING HERE! 

Individual sized snacks (protein & granola bars, sandwich crackers, dried fruit, chips)
Coffee k-cups
Sugar packets, creamer, stirrers
Single-serve cereal boxes
Condiments – jam/jelly, ketchup, mustard, mayo, salt
Bottled water and individual drinks (juice boxes, Gatorade, tea, etc.)
Horizon milks (regular and chocolate)

Laundry detergent (pods)
Postage stamps
Paper plates and bowls
Plastic cups
Air freshener/Lysol spray
Clorox wipes
Large white kitchen trash bags
Swiffer wet/dry pads
Blank or thank you note cards
Activity books (crosswords/Sudoku, word finds)

Gift Cards

Wish list items can be brought to the Reinhart Guest House at 1100 Libbie Avenue, Richmond VA 23226 any day of the week between 8am and 10pm.

The Guest House wish list is also available on When you make a purchase from this list, it will ship directly to the Reinhart Guest House!