Reinhart Guest House


Help Us Grow

The Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House is a ministry of hospitality, a home away from home for our families in medical crisis. We embrace all who walk through our doors, and equally important to our mission is the community that engages with the Reinhart Guest House and our families. There are special house projects available that help bring comfort and a sense of hope to families who are facing uncertain challenges each and every day. Organizations of all kinds – including local corporations, women’s organizations, churches, synagogues, school groups, and other local clubs and social organizations – are invited to participate in and or host activities that engage, and many times, just ease the mind. Below are a few ideas for special project you can bring to the Reinhart Guest House.

Pillow Treats
Those little treasures that sit on the pillow will bring about a smile and perhaps strengthen the spirits of our families. We want to create as many opportunities as possible to comfort the hearts and minds of our families. These little pillow treats can be a simple inspirational note with a coffee card, a comic book, magazine, book or dark chocolate. We will place these treasures on our guests’ pillows each day. This would be a great project for Girl Scout troops, high school students, or church organizations.

Community Pantry
We want to eliminate as much stress as possible for our families. Many times our families are spending so much time in the hospital, they have neglected to purchase food for meals in the house. A greater challenge and equally distressing situation is the financial burdens our family carry or are enduring as a result of their medical crisis, again making it difficult for them to afford food while they are staying with us. To assist with these challenges, we are providing a community pantry in our kitchen with the invitation for all to help themselves during their stay. We rely on our community groups to help stock our pantries with food and supplies. This is a great project for school groups, companies, churches, and social organizations to support.

Family Dinners
Our kitchen and dining room are wonderful community rooms where we can nourish our families in a group setting, allowing us to foster greater openness and togetherness. We welcome community groups to either deliver prepared meals or prepare and serve a meal to our families.

Fundraising Ideas
If you have a fundraising idea, such as a special event, please contact us.